Al Gore to U.S., China: Fix climate or else

"Al Gore gives the US and China demands for the environment in the future. Very demanding and interes..."

Blogged on Dec 10 '07
at 2:33 PM

by Naked C.


Least cost effective Hybrid

"Seriously some of these are great and others... well why bother? Checkout the Lexus rating at the bo..."

Blogged on Dec 5 '07
at 10:01 AM

by Brandon L.


This video moved me

"I don't know if you've seen this or not, but it truly moved me. Really it's amazing. ..."

Blogged on Sep 16 '07
at 11:29 PM

by Naked C.


Personal Blogs

"Here is where you can put any sort of personal blog you want. Don't forget that you can also ad..."

Blogged on Aug 8 '07
at 12:24 AM

by Naked C.


Blogs for Anything...

This blog section is for you to talk about anything that is on your mind. Got a sweet idea for some Organic apparel? Boss pissing you off? Just got married? Recently found your odd 11th toe? For any reason at all just blog and see what people have to say about it!

Text... No, Think BIGGER!

Oh no, not here at Naked Cotton, blogs are definitely not just text. To enhance your experience and really interest your readers we have built in the functionality to add images, You Tube videos, and hyperlinks to your blogs and comments!

What is a Blog?

A blog is word short for weblog, it was a clever man who thought of that. What the blog is used for is an online journal about anything you want. So, for example, if today you saw the sweetest You Tube video about an amazing night in Vegas you can start a blog and write something to it. Since our blogs are super sweet you can also link to that video for everyone to see on this site. Then, anyone can come by and comment on your blog, and you can comment back. Just close your eyes and imagine what you can do with this. We know, amazing. Now… Go start blogging!