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Blogged on Aug 8 '07
at 12:26 AM

by Naked C.


HOT Music & Fashions...

So what’s hot to listen to and wear when you go out these days? Know a sweet song that you can rock to? Got an outfit you’re not to sure about? Got an idea for a sweet ensemble to wear? This is the place to talk about it. We want to hear everything about what is cool to wear when you go out. Oh, and if you’ve got pictures and links to songs those would be even better!

Text... No, Think BIGGER!

Oh no, not here at Naked Cotton, blogs are definitely not just text. To enhance your experience and really interest your readers we have built in the functionality to add images, You Tube videos, and hyperlinks to your blogs and comments!

What is a Blog?

A blog is word short for weblog, it was a clever man who thought of that. What the blog is used for is an online journal about anything you want. So, for example, if today you saw the sweetest You Tube video about an amazing night in Vegas you can start a blog and write something to it. Since our blogs are super sweet you can also link to that video for everyone to see on this site. Then, anyone can come by and comment on your blog, and you can comment back. Just close your eyes and imagine what you can do with this. We know, amazing. Now… Go start blogging!