About This Naked and Organic Website

In the winter of 2007 I was looking around and trying to find some sort of trendy, artistic and sexy organic apparel but was unable to find anything suitable. After many hours of searching online and in San Francisco stores it became apparent to me that the only options were dull and rather unattractive clothing. There were a few options available for fashionable shoppers but nothing in the trendy screen printed t-shirts and tank tops I was looking for.

Luckily I had contacts and the infrastructure in place to get this going. I can argue that our process for making sustainable screen printed apparel is one of the most, if not the most, sustainable process ever used. Here is what we do to ensure sustainability throughout the California production process (yes that’s right, everything is 100% made in California):

  1. All of the cotton is grown at certified organic cotton farms in the USA and much of it right in San Joaquin Valley in California.
  2. It is stitched at American Apparel in Los Angeles which guarantees that fair work practices will be in place and that the final product is high quality and will last longer than your average shirt.
  3. The dying takes place in Novato using a Low Impact Dye Process. This is the most expensive way to dye something but also has the least impact on the environment. The dyer is checked periodically to make sure that no petroleum products or unsafe metals are used in their process. Not to mention that the shirt is permanently dyed and will not fade.
  4. All of the screen printing is done in Livermore at a certified green screen printer or in house in San Francisco. We only use the highest quality water based inks and adhesives. Additionally every piece is hand printed so it will be unique to every other one increasing its artistic value.
  5. We then label each product with the highest quality Damask Woven tags that you can make which are made in Los Angles and stitched on our clothes in San Francisco.
  6. Lastly every piece has a hang tag that is personalized for the design, no two designs and tags are alike. The hang tag is made with 100% post consumer paper and water based inks.

This process is considered sustainable because in every aspect the organic cotton is preserved and not destroyed by the use of harsh chemicals. Waste is minimized in every step by reusing boxes and shipping materials. Fair work practices and sweatshop free work environments are guaranteed throughout every step. Additionally since the entire process never leaves the state of California the impact of shipping is minimized. Here is some food for thought: if a shirt is made and printed in eastern China it travels over 16 times farther than a shirt made using the Naked Cotton process before it even hits the inside of a store in San Francisco.

At Naked Cotton we also try to find the freshest trendiest designs to put on our apparel. Currently we work with 3 collegiate and professional artists and graphic designers. Every design is unique and is not printed anywhere else.

Here we embrace our Slogan of ‘Live Naked, Wear Organic’ since it embodies everything we are trying to accomplish. Living life free and happy while preserving the earth and attempting to only use ingredients that naturally come from it is what we do. Simply put, Naked Cotton is the best way to Go Green and look Great doing it!

Live Naked, Wear Organic!

Brandon – Founder of Naked Cotton