Environmentally Safe and Human Friendly Apparel

What does Being Green mean?

Being Green is a phrase that we use to describe our environmental awareness when designing and fabricating our clothing lines. The screen printer and embroider we work with is a certified Green Company and a member of Co-op America. All of their printing practices are either earth friendly or minimize their negative effect on the environment. ďGreen means we conduct our day to day business using principles, policies, and practices that contribute to solving, rather than contributing to the environmental and social problems of our world. We care about our future generations and the current state of our planet.Ē

Why is Being Green important with apparel?

The majority of the time you see a screen printed shirt the ink is made from a polymer known as Plastisol. Essentially this a liquid form of PVC that inherently is not good for the environment, especially when disposed of improperly. Additionally most of the clothing comes from processed cotton that is made in sweat shops or with other unfair work practices. With the ever increasing number of environmental problems in the world, most notably global warming, we try to have as little negative effect on the environment while still getting you the clothes you want.

What does your printer do to make them different and a certified Green Company?

  1. We use TexTac brand, water-based, non-aerosol adhesives by Franklin International, reducing any CFC emission into the ozone.
  2. In our printing, we use non-toxic, water-based inks, manufactured by Versatex and distributed by The Dhama Trading Company to maintain the integrity of our earth friendly products.
  3. For post-production clean up, we filter any excess inks, FranMar soybean and citrus base solvents through our BlackLine Manufacturing all-in-one FilterOne filtration system. Capturing emulsion sediment and ink pigments in 0.5 micron polyprolene filters.
  4. All finished products are folded and re-packed in the original shipping cartons, thereby eliminating the need for purchasing new cartons and saving countless trees.

Do you only use water-based inks when you screen print?

Yes, we only use water-based inks depending on every project. As water-based ink technology has gotten better we have transitioned to using only those inks.

What do you do about fair work practices?

This is something that is very important to our company. Currently we only offer American Apparel © brand clothing since they are one of the only companies to guarantee fair work practices. No article of clothing we will ever sell will be made in a sweat shop or by a young child. Unjust work practices are something that our company will never stand for and never help finance.

Is American Made important to you?

Yes it is. As of today 100% of the products we sell are also 100% made in America. Itís not that the rest of the world isnít important to us but America is our home and we want to make it the best place possible. Supporting our workers is one way to accomplish this. Additionally long overseas shipping has a large negative impact on the environment. Since American Apparel © is a Los Angeles based company and we are based in the San Francisco Bay Area we minimize the environmental impact of shipping by minimizing the distance from our supplier to our office.

Do you use organic cotton products?

Yes, right now American Apparel © offers a line of organic cotton shirts and we only use them in our designs. We are also researching additional organic cotton clothing manufacturers and plan to use their products in the future.

Additional Information

If there is anything else you would like to know please feel free to contact us at: info@nakedcotton.com. Also, if you have an screen printing needs and would prefer an environmentally safe printer please let us know and we will put you in contact with ours.