Member Benefits

How can I become a member?

It’s very easy. Go to the members section and enter your email address in the new member sign up area. Yes, it’s really that easy! Click here to sign up now!

Why would I want to be a Naked Cotton member?

You can earn Naked Cash for every time you interact with the website. Members are able to upload images of themselves in their Naked Cotton wear, post thoughts and ideas in blogs, submit text and image designs for future apparel, refer friends, and so much more!

What is Naked Cash and how do I use it?

Naked Cash is cash we give you for interacting with our webpage. For example, for every item you buy you earn $1 in Naked Cash. To use the cash simply sign in and your balance is automatically deducted from your order total at checkout.

How do I refer someone and what are the benefits?

It is very easy. Simply tell them to go to our member login area and sign up to become a new member. During their initial sign on they can enter a ‘Referring Source’. Have them enter your member email address. Once they place their first order you will get $2 in Naked Cash plus $0.50 for every item they buy. Then, on every future order they place you will get an additional $0.25 for every item they buy.

Making yourself heard… Blogs and Comments

All members are able to post new blogs and comments for any aspect of the website. Every time a new post occurs it is automatically updated on the webpage for every visitor to see. You thoughts and ideas are what drives this site so we encourage all members to take advantage of this!

Naked Cotton Photos

For every photo you send us wearing your Naked Cotton apparel we will give you $1 in Naked cash! You can send us as many photos as you want but you can only earn a maximum of $2 for each item you purchase.

More to come...

Since this is the initial release of the new Naked Cotton all of the functions have not been designed yet. In the mean time please keep checking back and if you are not a member either sign up or sign up for our newsletter and we will let you know every time we have added something to the site!